The Non-Negotiables for any Laundry Reno

Four designers reveal the top “must haves” for any laundry renovation.

Four respected designers from across Australia shared their non-negotiables for laundry renovations to help renovators create a space that works for their family and prospective homebuyers.  As more renovators grapple with the idea of what to include in their laundry design, or whether to forgo a Butler’s Pantry for a laundry, the experts have the options covered.

Jess Hunter, Jess Hunter Interior Design

What are the must-haves for laundry renovations? 

‘Hanging space for clothes to dry! There is nothing worse than having a beautiful laundry designed and then having clothes horses everywhere in the house. Or having your skirts and dresses hanging from the curtain rods! I will always find a spot for hanging in a laundry design.’

What’s your favourite laundry design tip? 

‘For laundry renovations, my favourite tip is to make sure you plan your joinery well. Laundries are high traffic, high function spaces, so they need to work well for you.’

‘When designing the space, it’s essential to consider all aspects of your laundry room needs. From drying, washing, soaking, washing basket storage, linen to storing dog food and ironing. A lot is happening in a laundry.’

Caesarstone Stone Design by Jes Hunter Interior Design
Caesarstone® Snow™
Design by Jess Hunter Interior Design

What colour palettes do you see in laundry renovations? 

‘Natural tones are definitely leading the way in colour schemes for laundry designs, but a huge element of that is texture. We see a lot of neutral palettes of whites and, soft greys mixed with tactile finishes such as matte surfaces for benchtops and splashbacks.’

Fred Mannah Profile

Fred Mannah, Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

What are the must-haves for laundry renovations? 

‘Laundry renovations need to include plenty of storage and working bench space to make them functional spaces. Without these two essential elements, the laundry becomes cluttered and difficult to work in.’

‘An easy way to create and maximise bench space in your laundry is to install a front-loading washer and dryer side by side and place a benchtop above.’

Caesarstone Snow in the Laundry
Caesarstone® Snow™ Designs by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

What’s your favourite laundry design tip?  

‘White wall paint and white tiles always enhance light and space. I like to create the wow factor with a striking stone benchtop and splash-back in the laundry.”

What colour palettes do you see in laundry renovations? 

‘Renovating the laundry is an investment in both time and money, so it’s best to stick with a neutral colour palette for your finishes to keep the space looking timeless. You can easily refresh the look with pops of colour using decor, plants or flowers.’

‘To achieve a cohesive design, match the colour of your cabinetry and stone with your kitchen.’

Cara Stepin, Impala Kitchens & Bathrooms

Cara Stepin Bathroom reno design

What are the must-haves for laundry renovation? 

‘Using smart design techniques is essential for laundry renovations. A laundry benchtop is a must. It’s a great workspace and keeps your clothes basket off the floor. For me, that’s smart design.’

‘Storage is another essential element of any laundry designs. I like to incorporate a mixture of enclosed and open upper wall storage plus a tall utility cupboard. It’s a bonus if it can hide your laundry basket!’

‘The type and style of washing machine you like to use can affect the design layout, so I always try to gain a good understanding of my client’s preference for laundry renovations.’

What’s your favourite laundry design tip? 

‘Never underestimate the importance nor overlook your laundry design when renovating. When you bring laundry ideas to life and design the space correctly, you will enjoy using the space so much more.’

Organic White in the Laundry by Caesarstone
Caesarstone® Organic White™ Design by Impala Kitchens & Bathrooms

‘A great laundry design idea is to create a Butler’s Laundry! It’s ideal if you don’t have space for a separate walk-in Butler’s pantry but a large enough laundry. You can remodel the layout to accommodate the best of both design concepts and maximise the space to its full potential.’

Organic White in the Bathroom by Caesarstone
Caesarstone® Organic White™ Design by Impala Kitchens & Bathrooms

What colour palettes do you see in laundry renovation? 

‘2021 is moving away from the monochromes and gravitating towards a combination of calm hues with a nice bright colour pop.’

‘Shades of blue and green are two popular colours of choice, from pale pastel blues to moody greens. The greys and neutrals have been around for several years and are always a timeless, classic inclusion.’

Caesarstone Organic White in the Laundry
Caesarstone® Organic White™ Design by Impala Kitchens & Bathrooms


Janette Stritt, Stritt Design & Construction

What are the must-haves for laundry renovations? 

‘When designing a laundry, I believe functionality and flow are essential. By maximising bench space and allowing for plenty of storage cupboards, you will create an easy flow around the laundry.’

‘We like to include lots of practical features in laundry renovations, such as a tall cupboard for an ironing board and a drying/ironing rail for clothes. If the laundry space allows, we like to include a cupboard with a power point to house a Dyson stick vacuum for re-charging out of sight.’


What’s your favourite laundry design tip? 

‘Ease of cleaning is paramount in any laundry design, so we recommend easy to clean, durable surfaces. Handles, white subways tiles and modern cabinetry colours can enhance the look and feel of the space.’

‘At the concept stage of a laundry design, we always look to create a seamless flow from the kitchen to the laundry. It’s essential to consider how the rooms can work together based on the overall floor plan.’

Fresh Concrete Stritt in Laundry
Caesarstone® Fresh Concrete™ Design by Stritt Design & Construction Photography by Simon Whitbread

What colour palettes do you see in laundry renovations? 

‘In our laundry renovations, we like to use variable hues of blues and greens. From the palest of blues to a very dark blue-black which we are using for one of our current projects. ‘

Words: Caesarstone Australia

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