Rebecca Jansma Interior Design

Rebecca Jansma Interior Design studio works across residential, commercial and hospitality projects in Geelong and Melbourne.

Rebecca lives and breathes interiors!

Rebecca came to start a career in Interior Design after a false start in Medicine – she was a Haematologist; and then moved into mining. Although she loved what she did, she never lived and breathed it as she does with interiors. Her life mentor used to say “find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Rebecca didn’t fully understood that until she started design work.

The best part is seeing the finished project and the pleasure a well-executed space brings to people.

Rebecca’s style is simple and relaxed; personal and not prescriptive.

She designs for longevity and creates spaces that people and families love and enjoy; spaces that enhance our experiences and create memories.

Finish selections are based on aesthetic appeal and never on what seems to be the current trend… although they can sometimes overlap.

Rebecca has a great weakness for beautiful craftsmanship in all its forms and tries to impress that on her clients as well.

If you want a quality new build or renovation, contact Rebecca Jansma.