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Geelong Job Vacancies for Cabinetmakers & related trades

Any Geelong cabinetmaking and related job vacancies are advertised by our members here. Keep an eye out for any vacancies. 

Cabinetmaking Apprenticeships Geelong

Unlock your creativity and shape your future with a Cabinetmaking apprenticeship! 

Are you passionate about craftsmanship and ready to embark on a rewarding career?

Look no further! Join the thriving world of cabinetmaking in the Geelong region and become a skilled artisan in the art of creating beautiful and functional spaces.

ICM Geelong cabinetmakers are constantly seeking apprentices. 

This is your chance to learn from experienced professionals, develop valuable skills, and build a solid foundation for a successful career.

👉 Gain hands-on experience and master the techniques of crafting stunning cabinetry and bespoke designs.

👉 Work alongside industry experts who are passionate about passing on their knowledge and skills.

👉 Unlock endless opportunities for creativity and innovation as you bring clients’ visions to life.

Ready to jump-start your career in cabinetmaking? 

Don’t wait! Take the first step toward a fulfilling career in cabinetmaking today.

Let your talent shine and be a part of Geelong’s thriving cabinetmaking industry. e: info@icmgeelong.com.au Attn: James Harris