New colours for an Aussie Lifestyle from polytec

Colours made for the Australian Lifestyle

polytec’s latest range of colours have been developed over several years by their in-house design team, made for the Australian lifestyle.

For polytec, colours and finishes should hold perpetual value. Being sustainable is not just about ensuring products are manufactured consciously with less waste and impact on the environment, it is also about designing products that have inherent longevity, with a quality and style that withstands the test of time.

Timber Range

Timber tones and structures are a permanent element in our interiors, evoking the feeling of warmth and comfort while remaining the foundation of joinery.

The new range of polytec timber prints blend the old familiar timbers with new neutral coloured tones to enable mixing and matching of more than one timber colour in a project.

The new range includes natural solid Boston Oak balanced with light grey Palomera Oak and green-grey Arcadia Oak coloured timbers, the subtleness of Natural Ply contrasted with the boldness of Black Stained Ply, warm timber tones in Ligurian Walnut and Plantation Ash or the character and interest of the pale Quartiera Maple.

These are all welcome additions to the existing versatile Woodmatt range and perfect partners to the new colour-infused solid neutrals.

Additionally, polytec have rekindled a range of figured wood structures in rich Ochre, Sienna and Onyx colours, with a silky Smooth surface that enriches the timber colours, representing the unique bespoke style of yesteryear. 

Solid Range

The new solid range by polytec was designed to encapsulate the feeling of wellbeing and calm in a space with botanical colour-infused neutrals, which has become more important than ever today.

The new range of solid, neutral colours is grounding and calming. From cool to warm greens, hints of blue to off-white tones in a range of light to dark, each has the slightest bit of colour to connect with all other elements used within your home or public indoor space.

Sustainable, thoughtful design is a key consideration as specific trends no longer need to be adhered to.

Stone Range

Over time, a selection of natural stone patterns and colours have nestled themselves into our environments continually with ease.

The new range of polytec stone patterns and colours are a classic option for timeless design.

From centuries old white Marmo with soft warm or cool, subtle veining, to warm Provincial Limestone and iconic black Cosmic Granite, terrazzo-style Ceppo stone in comfortable neutrals, that works with a myriad of timber tones and colour infused solid neutrals.

The yin and yang of near-black Volcanic Stone and near-white Alboran Stone are beautifully subtle, with minimal character in their solidness.

The new polytec stone patterns and colours blur the line and merge practicality with long term beautiful aesthetics.


Ask your cabinetmaker about the new polytec colour range. 


About polytec

polytec is an Australian decorative board and laminate brand. Forever the creative thinker, polytec invests in pioneering new product and range developments to equip cabinet makers, architects, designers and consumers alike with a palette that’s contemporary, forward-looking and comprehensive.


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