Darren Grayson. Art inspo from the garden.

A man of many talents, Geelong’s Darren Grayson draws inspiration from surrounding landscapes for his latest art designs.

Award winning hairstylist, Darren Grayson ventured into the world of home / interior design with his work featured in many national and international magazine spreads, including a global front cover of “Trends” magazine which features a 12-page story on Darren’s design of a 40 square home in Highton, Geelong.

We recently discovered however, Darren has another talent – painting.

All individually designed pieces, the artwork featured here is in Richmond Place, a home recently designed by Darren.

Orange and Black Tones

Orange and black tones were taken from Darren’s landscaping plans, front and back gardens all in the tones of the orange collection – rust and orange foliage.
Cleverly using white, black, light grey and orange in an interior DuluxGro up paint, acrylic, and four layers of colour on colour, the piece took some time to complete and required a great deal of patience –  when paint won’t dry quickly enough!
It was finished in a two part epoxy resin from Artworks Geelong which really intensifies the colours and gives it a glass like finish.
At 4.8m, the artwork is hung on the wall centimetre perfect – 1 cm spacings between each of the four pieces.
The dramatic piece is offset nicely with the art gallery lighting setting off the bold statement hallway artwork.

Blue Inspo

The blue painting also tells a story.
It was created from the rug Darren designed and furniture selected.  The rug was hand made and the colours used to match in the painting are in white, black, light grey and emerald green.
It’s the technique of painting that developed all the other tones in both collections.
Friend of ICM Geelong, Darren supports the initiative and the local cabinetmaking industry and enlisted help from ICM Geelong member, SCLK to provide art boards and hang his designs.
With 167K Instagram Followers, you can get even more inspo from the man himself at @darrengrayson_official
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