A Trip to Hettich & REHAU Melbourne Showrooms

Exploring the Latest Cabinetry Trends: An Inspiring Bus Trip with Independent Cabinetmakers Geelong

At Independent Cabinetmakers Geelong (ICM Geelong), we are committed to keeping our members up-to-date with the latest cabinetry trends and innovations. To provide them with a firsthand experience of the cutting-edge developments in the industry, we organised an exciting bus trip to South Melbourne.

Kindly sponsored by Cabinetmakers Choice Geelong, a proud Hettich and REHAU  distributor, our cabinetmakers embarked on a journey of inspiration and discovery, exploring the showrooms of Hettich Australia and REHAU. 

Let’s take a look at the amazing trends and products that left our Independent Cabinet Makers inspired and excited.

Hettich Australia Showroom: Unveiling Remarkable Innovations

Our first stop on the trip was the Hettich Australia showroom, where our cabinetmakers were introduced to an array of fascinating cabinetry solutions. Among the highlights were the new Alfresco Kitchen collection, Cadro Shelving system, and AvanTEch YOU drawer systems.

The Alfresco Kitchen collection caught everyone’s attention, offering the perfect blend of style, comfort, and convenience for outdoor culinary experiences. By seamlessly incorporating the features of an indoor kitchen into an outdoor space, this collection allows for unforgettable moments of cooking and entertaining.

The Cadro Shelving system, available in matt black or stainless steel, stole the show with its versatility and creativity. This aluminium frame system enables endless design possibilities, making it the ideal shelving solution for both residential and commercial spaces. Our cabinetmakers were captivated by the freedom to customise and create unique shelving designs that perfectly complement any interior.

Hettich’s AvanTEch YOU drawer systems also left a lasting impression. These sophisticated drawer systems offer exceptional functionality, durability, and smooth operation, providing an exceptional user experience for both homeowners and cabinetmakers. Our members were thrilled to witness firsthand the innovative features that make AvanTEch YOU stand out in the industry.

Hettich Showroom South Melbourne

REHAU: Elevating Furniture Solutions

Our next destination was REHAU, renowned for its architecturally designed showroom experience. While REHAU offers a wide range of building products, our primary focus was on their cutting-edge furniture solutions.

The Noble Matt Collection instantly caught our attention, offering a perfect design match for creating monolithic interiors with its silky-smooth, matte finishing. The collection not only exudes elegance but also incorporates anti-fingerprint functionalities, ensuring a pristine appearance even with everyday use.

The Tambour Doors showcased by REHAU were a true revelation. Versatile and adaptable, these doors provide endless design possibilities for both horizontal and vertical applications. Our cabinetmakers were highly impressed by the customisable front panel options, allowing them to tailor the design to their clients’ exact specifications.

Additionally, our members learned about the latest trend in Europe – zero-joint edgeband with REHAU LaserEdge. This revolutionary technology has set new standards for kitchen and bathroom furniture, delivering seamless and invisible joints. The exceptional quality and durability of REHAU’s edgebands ensure long-lasting performance, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial projects.

REHAU Showroom South Melbourne

Bringing Cabinetry Trends to Geelong

Both Hettich and REHAU products showcased during our bus trip are available in Geelong at Cabinetmakers Choice, enabling our cabinetmakers and the Geelong community to access these outstanding cabinetry solutions.

The bus trip organised by ICM Geelong was an opportunity for Geelong’s best cabinetmakers to explore the latest cabinetry trends and innovations. The showrooms of Hettich Australia and REHAU provided invaluable insights into the exciting possibilities that lie within the industry. Our cabinetmakers returned inspired and equipped with fresh ideas to create exceptional and cutting-edge cabinetry designs for clients.

ICM Geelong remains committed to connecting our members with the latest trends, fostering collaboration, and supporting the growth of Geelong’s cabinetmaking industry. Stay tuned for more exciting endeavours ahead!

To discover more about the showcased products or to explore other cabinetry solutions visit Cabinetmakers Choice at 124 Grove Rd, Grovedale. 


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