ICM Geelong Bus Launch

Look out Geelong, there’s a new bus on the road. ICM Geelong is proud to launch a bus showing the future of Geelong’s cabinetmaking industry.

Kate Elstone & Harry Smith represent the future of Geelong’s Cabinetmaking Industry.

Kate, who has completed her apprenticeship and works for Fusion Cabinets is one crafty lady. Kate has represented the industry in competitions in Australia and all over the world and has taken out many titles. Her goal is to become a business owner, specialising in custom pieces of wooden furniture and home wares.

Many cabinetmakers are family run businesses, and Scott Smith from SCLK (Scott’s Country Look Kitchens) is hoping his son, Harry will eventually take over.  Harry Smith is doing his apprenticeship at SCLK and is pleased with his career choice.

Further encouraging young people to enter the industry, ICM Geelong is proud to have the support of The Gordon as a sponsor.  Cabinetmaker teacher, David Rush, guides students through their apprenticeship. The industry is changing as technology develops but cabinetmaking is still a skill and students take pride in their work.

ICM Geelong is keen to see the cabinetmaking industry thrive now and into the future and part of our initiative is to support up and coming cabinet makers in our region.

We encourage you to support a local Cabinetmaker near you for the good of:


Thanks Mcharrys Buslines and Signs t’Go for letting the ICM Geelong Committee aboard the bus!



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