Geelong’s Best Cabinetmaking Apprentices 2022

ICM Geelong Gordon Apprentice Award Winners 2022. 

Cabinetmaking is in good hands!  

The Annual ICM Geelong Gordon Apprentice Awards is a chance to recognise Geelong’s best cabinetmaking apprentices.

The WINNERS of the 2022 ICM Geelong Apprentice Awards are:

Award 1 – ICM Geelong Best 1st Year Apprentice David Pezaro, Living Space Joinery

Award 2 – ICM Geelong Best 2nd Year Apprentice Liam Cunningham, Spence Construction

Award 3 –  ICM Geelong Best 3rd Year Apprentice Charlie Phillips, MRT Cabinets

Award 4 – ICM Geelong Apprentice of the Year Tyler Pekin, SCLK 

Award winners attended the Awards Evening at Westend Social Geelong, along with their proud employers and families.

Let’s meet the winners

Liam Cunningham, David Pezaro, Cabinetmaker Peter Hammond, Tyler Pekin, Charlie Phillips




Want to become a cabinetmaker? 

To find out more about an Apprenticeship in Cabinetmaking visit The Gordon website. 


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