Your New Miele Oven

With Generation 7000, Miele has introduced exclusive technology, enhanced connectivity, and clear, intuitive user interfaces. We recently spoke with the team at e&s and checked out the largest Miele display in Geelong.

Go beyond the ordinary and push creativity to new limits with these advanced appliances.

Let’s explore the different oven innovations offered across the new range, so whatever your cooking needs are at home, Miele have you covered.

Moisture Plus

Moisture Plus increases the moisture level in the oven cabinet for perfect baking and roasting results. Moisture can be released manually or time controlled, depending on the model. The benefits of cooking with Moisture Plus technology is that you can achieve a professional result at home across a vast array of food like bread, meat, and desserts.


With all Miele built-in steam oven appliances, the steam is generated outside the cavity and then injected inside once enough steam has been created. DualSteam technology ensures amazing results. The true taste, colour and aroma of foods are retained thanks to the external steam generation. The benefits of cooking with DualSteam include fast heat-up times, even steam distribution for all-round consistent cooking and timer countdown so as soon as the selected temperature is reached to prevent overcooking.

Combi Steam Oven (DGC)

Combi Steam Oven’s offer home chefs even more cooking options to elevate and enhance their ingredients. Cooking in a steam oven seals in flavour and nutrients fast, while maintaining extremely uniform temperature and humidity throughout the oven. Combi-Steam Ovens are essentially three appliances in one, which gives the user the maximum flexibility and control. Enjoy the benefits of a fully-fledged steam oven, a fully-fledged conventional oven and the ability to combine both cooking types together.

Steam oven with microwave (DGM)

100% steam and, 100% microwave gives you the ability to use both technologies in combination. The DGM from Miele is the perfect option for the second niche if you are not quite ready to give up the convenience of a microwave but love the benefits of steam cooking. A highlight within the Steam Oven with Microwave is RapidStream, which can reduce cooking time by almost 50%. This is possible thanks to Inverter Technology, which makes the heating of the food much more even and consistent.


All Generation 7000 ovens offer enhanced connectivity and, clear intuitive user interfaces. Combined with cutting technology, the kitchen becomes a whole new world through the following innovations:

  • TasteControl– Overbaking and overcooking is a thing of the past thanks to  TasteControl. At the end of the cooking cycle, the door opens slightly automatically, rapidly cooling the oven. A maintenance temperature can also
    be set so that food stays warm or meat can rest.


  • Motion-React– Thanks to motion detecting technology, our appliances can now react to people’s movements: oven lights and displays turn on and end- of-cycle signals automatically switch off when someone approaches.


  • Food-View– Now it’s possible to check up on food anytime, anywhere thanks to the internal camera and the Miele@mobile app. Temperature and cooking time can even be adjusted from a tablet or a smart phone thanks to Food-View.


All Generation 7000 ovens feature efficient and economical pyrolytic cleaning programmes.

Select from the 3 Stage Pyrolytic Cleaning programme based on level of soiling to minimise excessive energy use whilst achieving amazing results!


The Generation 7000 range by Miele features ovens, cooktops, steam ovens and coffee machines. Visit the e&S showroom at 531 Moorabool Street, Geelong or go to eands.com.au to view the entire range.  Tell them ICM Geelong sent you!




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