Sponsor Highlight: Wurth Australia.

Wurth Australia

Wurth has been around for a long time. Established in Germany in 1954, Wurth came to Australia in 1982. 

And they’re known for their specialist assembly and fastening materials – think building supplies, fasteners, tools, metal fittings, for a range of industries from automotive, cargo, metal, construction wood and mining industries. This year alone they have added another 500 products to their range throughout all divisions. And to excite cabinetmakers, there’s also a new range of acetate silicon with a new colour range. 

Simplifying their customers’ daily work, their motto is “Every customer has their Wurth”. 

Joel Woolhouse is the Area Manager. “Most days for me are travelling with my reps going out to see customers who may be looking at moving more of a range to Wurth or customers who are interested in our ORSY set up which allows them to stock a larger range in their shed/workshop. Chasing potential customers is also on the agenda,” says Joel.   

There are currently seven reps in Joel’s team that spread across from Portland to Doncaster and up through Bendigo and Horsham. There’s a mixed group of Construction and Wood industry reps. It looks like they enjoy a game of golf too! 

Josh Cameron, an experienced Wood rep  looks after cabinetmakers who are part of the ICM Group. 

Visiting a lot of cabinetmakers, Joel has a good idea on what’s trending.

“I’ve noticed a lot of brass and gold fittings are becoming very popular. Also, the region’s stonemasons seem to be very busy so stone benchtops are trending.” 

Wurth Australia supply many of Geelong’s Independent Cabinet Makers. 

5 Random Questions for Joel. 

If you could be a super hero, who would you be? 

Joel – Ironman for sure!

If you could only have three Apps on your phone, what would they be? 

Joel – Skip. Instagram. Uber Eats. 

What’s the one thing you’re currently trying to make a habit?  

Joel – A perfect golf swing! 

What’s your favourite holiday destination? 

Joel – So far it would have to be Canada but still so much to see. 

Dogs or Cats? 

Joel –100% dog person. 










Joel pictured here with his partner, Amelia Benford. 

Words:  Belinda Lyle





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