Flat Packs. Precision Cabinetry from Windsor Kitchens.

They continue to provide Geelong locals with precision cabinetry.  We caught up with the team at Windsor Kitchens. 

James Harris and Peter Hammond have an eye for detail and this is evident in their work. 

The way the joinery operates is with great precision and organisation. 

“A typical day comprises of checking and processing any new jobs, coordinating the workflow through the factory and keeping on top of stock levels,” explains James. 

The two business partners have a love of creativity, design and draw their inspiration form helping others and bringing their “cabinetry dreams to fruition”. 

Peter Hammond started Windsor Kitchens 32 year’s ago and James Harris became a business partner some time ago. 

The team, located in Moolap, specialises in expert cutting and edging, and with the latest machinery, they proudly provide this service to other cabinetmakers in the region.  

Unlike other cabinetmakers, part of their offering is custom made flat pack joinery. Windsor Kitchens flat packs are a little different to the normal off the shelf flat packs you find elsewhere.  They are built to fit your kitchen, not the other way around. 

“This is a great option for mums & dads doing their own DIY reno kitchen installation. Unlike regular modular flat packs that come in standard sizes, we custom cut flat packs to the exact dimensions of your kitchen. This means the perfect fit.” 

Windsor Kitchens also manufacture and install kitchens and other cabinetry for residential and commercial projects. 


5 Random Questions for James & Peter

Fav AFL team? 

Peter – a tragic Collingwood supporter. Nothing else needs to be said. 


If you could only have three Apps on your phone, what would they be? 

Peter – Google Maps. Willy Weather. You Tube. 


Where’s your favourite place in the world? 

James – currently several thousand feet above the ground cruising in my plane. 

Peter – anywhere the fish are biting.



What’s your favourite project? 

There’s been a lot of satisfying cabinetry projects throughout the years, but our proudest is raising happy and healthy families.  


What’s the best movie you’ve ever seen? 

James – Got to be Forrest Gump. 


BONUS Question = Dogs or Cats? 

James and Peter are dog peeps with Ziggy and Bear both permanent fixtures at Windsor Kitchens.  Look out for them next time you visit! 


Words:  Belinda Lyle







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