Unleash the potential of Compact Laminate

polytec can offer a range of Wet Area Solutions to both residential and commercial spaces.

Compact Laminate

At its core, polytec’s Compact Laminate is a high pressure laminate that possesses remarkable strength, resilience and antibacterial properties.

Compact laminate is the ultimate long lasting, low maintenance decorative panels for the most demanding, hard-working environments. Totally impervious to water, it also has a beautiful appearance with outstanding stain and wear resistance and excellent hygienic properties.

Available in an expansive selection of colours and finishes that enable design creativity. Whether you’re seeking the natural beauty of timber, the elegance of stone or a solid colour, this range has you covered.

Xenolith Laminate

polytec also offers Xenolith, a 15mm thick premium colour core composite laminate. This product is available in a variety of edge profiles, machined into surface to provide a seamless look.

Available for both vertical and horizontal applications, Xenolith can be used for benchtops, vanities, cafe tops, wet room partitioning, splashbacks, lockers, furniture and covered alfresco areas. The unique solid coloured core allows for exposed ends with no join lines caused by a laminated edge, matching the colour of choice. This premium product is available in a variety of edge profiles, machined into the surface o provide a seamless look. 

With polytec wet area wall panels, you can create a beautiful and functional space that will last for years to come.

Read more about wet area solutions by polytec here. 



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