The Kitchen: greater than the sum of its parts

The process of designing a kitchen is much like following a recipe says guest blogger, Alana Perin from Geelong Tiles & Bathware.

In a recipe, each ingredient is meticulously chosen in order to create an enticing meal. With the kitchen the process is no different, as each element must be carefully thought out and placed in a way to ensure the space is perfect in both form and function.

The kitchen is the focal point in any home, serving as an entertainment space in which memories are made and conversations started.  It is for this reason that the most care is taken when designing the intricacies of a kitchen.

This notion of form and functionality applies to the marriage between elements in an effort to construct a kitchen that will ultimately last a lifetime. The most important elements to consider when designing a kitchen range from materials, appliances and tapware to the layout and use of space.

When we speak of materials we refer to the physical composition of textiles that form the body of a kitchen. Careful consideration should be taken when selecting cabinetry, splashbacks and benchtops. These include Laminex or polytec, timber, stone, stainless steel and tiles. Not only should these elements attest to your personal style, they should outlast any trend in an effort to remain timeless.

Appliances and tapware add finesse to a kitchen, further enhancing the characteristics already formed by the body materials. Like we always say at Geelong Tiles & Bathware, experiment with different shapes, finishes and styles. You want your kitchen to stand out and be the conversation starter it prides itself on being. Add colour and texture with a gunmetal sink mixer or a copper sink to add modern sophistication.










Once you have established the style you are looking to achieve, it is imperative to create a layout for your kitchen that is just as functional as it is visually striking. Ultimately, your kitchen needs to encompass an effective layout to meet your personal needs and fit your space perfectly.

Think about the way you want to utilise your space. Is the kitchen going to stand on its own, or do you intend on having people in the kitchen with you while you prepare meals? These are the questions you should be asking yourself in order to design a functional and timeless space. Everything from the placement of appliances to the length of an island bench to the use of a butler’s pantry is significant in the design process.

These are the ingredients that form together to complete the most important space of the home. If you are rigorous in your selections, your kitchen will not only look spectacular but also function in a way to ensure longevity.

As you embark on a new build or remodeling of an old space, think about the elements you want to incorporate into your kitchen while always referring to the concepts of form and function. Ensure the space you have available is utilised to exhibit its full potential. And like all recipes, be sure to add your own flair and let your personality shine through.

Alana Perin

Geelong Tiles & Bathware

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