Selecting kitchen materials, colours and finishes

The fun part. Selecting kitchen materials, colours and finishes. We’ve taken our ICM Geelong $15,000 kitchen improvement competition winner through the selection process.

A visit to Windsor Kitchens for our competition winner, Angela, has her amazed at the wide array of product that is now available for kitchens.

Kitchen materials, colours and finishes

Choosing the materials, finishes and colours for your new kitchen can be a daunting task. However, your cabinetmaker is well equipped to walk you through the process and most cabinetmakers will treat each kitchen as if it’s going into their own home.

ICM Geelong cabinetmakers have extensive product and design knowledge. In fact, just recently ICM Geelong cabinetmakers were treated to a presentation by Laminex Australia on the latest in design trends from around the world.

selecting kitchen materials colours and finishes for your new kitchen
So many colours, finishes and materials for Angela to choose from.

Key things to consider when choosing your new kitchen:

Choosing Kitchen Benchtops

Do you prefer stone, laminate, acrylic, porcelain, timber or bamboo?

Kitchen Doors & Drawers

Will your kitchen doors and drawers be melamine, vinyl, 2-pak doors, powder coated doors, timber / veneer / or bamboo?

Do you prefer a matt or gloss finish?


The colours you incorporate into your kitchen are very much personal preference. However, what we can guarantee is the vast range of choices you have from various quality suppliers.

Kitchen Hardware

There is a huge range of kitchen hardware including cutlery drawer inserts, waste bins, wire ware etc. Check out the ICM Geelong pinterest page for some cool ideas.

So, what has our family selected?

There was no doubt Angela wanted a stone bench top, and it had to be black!

So, Angela has selected a very on trend black and white kitchen.

ICM Geelong sponsor, Sandman Stone is supplying essa stone from Laminex Australia in French Black.

The cabinetry is vinyl wrap in ultra white gloss from ICM Geelong sponsors, polytec.

Cupboard and drawers will have black Blum handles sourced from ICM Geelong Sponsor, Lincoln Sentry.

The kitchen will be finished with a glass splash back from ICM Geelong member, Modglass.

The kitchen is starting to take shape.

Now that the selection process is completed, materials will be sourced and the kitchen will be assembled.




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