Recognising the best in 2019

2019 ICM Geelong polytec Award Winners

When it comes to finding a good cabinetmaker and related suppliers, Independent Cabinetmakers (ICM) Geelong makes it easy.

ICM Geelong is a collaboration of quality cabinetmakers and related suppliers in the Geelong region dedicated to promoting the work of local cabinetmakers. The group encourages people to support local businesses and to consider using a cabinetmaker for all joinery projects rather than heading to large department stores. And yes, a cabinetmaker does so much more than just kitchens and bathrooms!

To recognise the best in their field using quality materials and superior workmanship ICM Geelong members are given the opportunity to enter the Best Kitchen and Best Small Range Joinery Unit in the ICM Geelong polytec Awards.

ICM Geelong polytec Best Kitchen








The 2019 Best Kitchen Award was taken out by Scott Smith and the team at SCLK.

SCLK who regularly work with local architects, builders and interior designers on custom made projects, are located in Moolap.

The winning kitchen uses the contrasting colours of Polytec Florentine Walnut, a deep, rich chocolate brown walnut woodmatt finish and Polytec Venette Black, a silky smooth, pure matt surface assuring low light reflection and exceptional fingerprint resistant technology.


ICM Geelong polytec Best Small Range Joinery









Every living room is different, so custom cabinetry makes sense and the winning wall unit by Tulip Kitchens & Designs will see many treasures heading “straight to the pool room.”

Stylish and sophisticated, the dark polytec vinyl used in the winning Best Small Range Joinery is Bottega Oak in Woodmatt, a near-black coloured oak with wide, distinct, black oak wood grain features.

Located in Moorabool Street, Geelong, Erik Wirtz and the team at Tulip Kitchens and Designs have a kitchen and cabinetry display showroom for renovators to seek inspiration for their project, backed up with great design, advice and service to match.

Award entrants were short listed by polytec, an Australian distributor of cabinet doors, panels, benchtops and laminates and winners chosen by Geelong Home Designer, Darren Grayson.


ICM Geelong polytec Awards Evening  (l) – (r) Erik Wirtz – Tulip Kitchens, Nathan Bromley – polytec, Belinda Lyle – B well connected, Scott Smith – SCLK


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