Kitchen Installation

The assembled kitchen has been fitted and the ICM Geelong $15,000 kitchen improvement competition winner has a new kitchen.

Most people go for a new kitchen at least once every 20 years. Given that, you need to pay careful consideration to your personal requirements and how you will use your kitchen on a day to day basis.

Here are some things to take into consideration:


Make sure there’s plenty of them and they are in the places you really want them. Rather have too many power points than not enough.


Have any plumbing installed at the same time as installing your kitchen – it’s far more convenient.

Practical Cabinetry Solutions

Remember, you can never have too much storage space!

There are some very clever cabinet solutions available.

Base cabinets for kitchen utensils, space towers for pantries and practical solutions for the dreaded corner cabinet.

We recommend a visit to Lincoln Sentry’s website.

Their online cabinet hardware catalogues show everything from drawer and hinge systems, to organisation and storage solutions.

Next week, the kitchen is complete …

Kitchen before and kitchen in progress as installed by Independent cabinet makers Geelong, ICM Geelong



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