Kitchen Design Planning Tools

The secret to a great kitchen lies in the planning and we’ve used a design planning tool with our ICM Geelong $15,000 kitchen improvement competition winner.

Look these 3-D kitchen designs. Wow !! This is shaping up to be one great kitchen. These ideas were presented to our winning family

And what does our family think?

“This kitchen layout is really practical for Mum and it’s creating a nice flow from the kitchen to the dining area. The grandkids can sit at the kitchen table and watch Nana cook,” says Dave.

After discussions with the family, owner of Torquay Joinery, John Parrello had the vision. John had various kitchen plans drawn up with the assistance of Go Cabinets using their fantastic 3-D planning tool.  This allows clients a visual “walk though” and they can see exactly what the kitchen looks like.

Many ICM Geelong cabinetmakers make use of this technology.

What are the notable features of the 3-d plan?

  • The doorway has been blocked off allowing for a larger kitchen
  • The fridge has been built in
  • The oven and microwave have been built into the wall
  • There’s heaps of storage
  • Drawers suitable for pots and pans
  • A nice big pantry
  • Rollaway door for appliances
  • Provision for a dishwasher

Next time, we visit Windsor Kitchens where Peter Hammond goes into depth about the materials the family has selected to use for the kitchen cabinetry and bench tops.



kitchen design planning tools 3-d kitchen 3-d planning tools kitchen design 3D planning tools



Plans drawn up by Windsor Kitchens using kitchen design planning tools
FINAL kitchen design
Measuring a kitchen by Peter Hamond at Windsor Kitchens using kitchen design planning tools
The measuring begins


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