Just like your favourite pair of jeans

This new look is sure to impress. Made with offcuts from clothing production and capturing the look and feel of denim jeans, what’s not to like?

Last year Laminex Australia launched two terrazzo decors providing the perfect match for contemporary interiors. Tinted Paper Terazzo and Tonal Paper Terrazzo, both made including, you guessed it, recycled paper.  But now, Laminex has gone a step further with their, ‘Reclaimed Denim Fibre’ which looks as it sounds.

‘Reclaimed Denim Fibre’ is an interesting one given it’s made with offcuts from clothing production and captures the classic indigo look of your favourite pair of denim jeans!

Amazingly, reused denim makes up 60 per cent of the finished product.

“In moving towards the wasteless future, we want to create a new visual language with these products,” says Laminex Product Design Manager Neil Sookee.

And, the texture is jean-like too. Long cotton fibres embedded into the paper matrix produce a texture that’s both tactile and visual, an effect heightened by the addition of Laminex’s undulating Plex finish.

“The random orientation of long denim fibres, combined with the Plex finish, produces a wonderful textural, textile feel and a consistent visual appearance across the full sheet,” explains Sookee.

The décor offers applications such as infill panels, shelves and benchtops.

People are clearly intrigued by the idea of a recycled denim laminate and we are sure to see some innovative applications down the track.



Laminex Reclaimed Denim Fibre is available in Geelong through Newgrove Benchtops, Vic Joinery Supplies and Cabinetmakers Choice


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