How to choose your kitchen splashback

The final touch to the ICM Geelong $15,000 kitchen improvement competition winner is the installation of a stunning glass splashback.

Angela’s kitchen cabinetry is complete and now it’s time to call in ICM Geelong member, Modglass.

Modglass is the supplier of kitchen splashbacks in Geelong and surrounding areas with over 40 years experience in the glass industry and a team of award winning glaziers.

There’s an endless supply of choices when it comes to kitchen splashbacks so here’s a few tips to help you choose your splashback.

Choosing your kitchen splashback

Narrow down the choices

Aim to get a splashback that is going to complement the rest of your kitchen.

We recommend selecting your splashback after you have decided on the benchtops.

Choose the splash back material that suits you best

Glass, mirror, stainless steel and pressed metal are popular alternative to tiles.

Take into consideration how simple it is going to be to clean your splashback.

Glass splashbacks

Not only is a glass splashback on trend, but it’s also really easy to clean.

If you’re going for glass, there are alternatives and fortunately, Modglass have a variety of samples to view.

Clear glass, textured glass, patterned glass or etched glass.

Words can even be added on the glass, before it’s spray painted. Modglass tell us that the word “eat” is a very popular word !

Mirrored splashbacks

If you area is small, a mirror splashback is a great way to make a kitchen feel bigger. A mirror splashback can reflect both natural and artificial light around the room giving the perception of a larger area.

Angela has chosen a glass splashback for her kitchen.

A window looking out onto the backyard provides a natural glass splashback over the sink area.

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