Emma Hawkins. Supporting Geelong’s Cabinetmakers

Cabinetmakers Geelong Emma Hawkins - Headshot

Introducing ICM Geelong’s new ambassador, Emma Hawkins.

It is an honour to have Emma  Hawkins work with ICM Geelong to help promote Geelong’s cabinet making industry.

Emma Hawkins has a keen eye for design and she’s one stylish lady.

And, a busy lady too.

Emma is Mum to Arabella and wife to AFL favourite,  Tom Hawkins and there’s another baby on the way!

With a keen eye for design, Emma is a lifestyle blogger and has an Instagram following of over 95k .

Emma is passionate about supporting the Geelong region and buying local.  From the first time we spoke with Emma, she understood what ICM Geelong. was all about.

When you use a cabinetmaker, you are getting something custom made – quality that will last a long time AND you are supporting LOCAL  businesses – cabinetry made right here in Australia, in Geelong.

With all of these credentials and the fact that we are on the same page when it comes to supporting local business, Emma is the perfect fit to help us promote Geelong’s best cabinetmakers and we are pleased to have her on board.

Visit EmmaHawkins.com


Emma’s Wardrobe

As an added bonus Emma and Tom are getting a custom made wardrobe for their Master Bedroom.

We will be taking you on Emma’s journey to her (Tom might have a small say) NEW Wardrobe!

ICM Geelong members will collaborate on this project to show the custom designed, quality work that can be done by your local cabinetmaker.

Stay tuned for Emma’s Wardrobe Journey which she will be documenting on Emma Hawkins Instagram.


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