Style That’s Ahead of the Curve

If you’ve been looking at renovating or building, you will have noticed a new trend in cabinetry. One of the top design styles, the curve, is helping bring elegance into the home, soften edges and act as a point of interest to  traditional and contemporary interiors.


Our top tip – you want your curved cabinetry to be the hero piece of your design – whether it’s your, kitchen island bench, bathroom vanity or even a study nook – you want all eyes on the prize.

But don’t over-do the usage of curved cabinetry. Limit it to one large piece, like a kitchen island bench, or two smaller pieces, such as double vanities in the bathroom.  This allows the piece to stand alone and not get lost visually.

Adding some casual curvy furniture pieces throughout the home will complement the theme.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing curved cabinetry, the first being that it will need to be custom made so find yourself a qualified and experienced cabinetmaker to help you realise the vision.

Secondly, the finish that you choose needs to be able to curve. The flexibility of laminate, timber veneer and 2 pac make them the perfect materials, and they are cost effective too.

Curves create the perception of space making your home feel larger. You can further add to the luxury by using Corian, reconstituted stone or a natural stone such as granite or marble.

Similarly, the introduction of curves in a room add to its soothing feel so with that in mind you should consider the colour of your cabinetry closely.

Opting for a light, subtle palette can ensure balance in the space and will also bring about a sense of calm.

With no sharp edges, curved cabinetry is the ideal blend of innovative design with family-friendly functionality.

We encourage you to bend the rules, throw in a curve ball and flaunt your curves by embracing this new trend.

As appeared in the GT Magazine, 22nd August 2020.    Words: ICM Geelong

Images: ICM Geelong Cabinetmaker SCLK. House Lot Project featuring curved kitchen benches and other cabinetry.


Want to see some more curves?  Take a peep at Peep Studio’s Exquisite Cabinetry by JPH Joinery. 


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