Caesarstone’s NEW Whitelight Collection

Inspired by nature. Caesarstone’s new Whitelight Collection brings a touch of the earth into our homes.

The Whitelight Collection colours are suitable for interior applications, such as kitchen, laundry, bathroom and pantry surfaces, islands, splashbacks, custom shelving, and furniture.

July 2021 sees the arrival of four light, neutral quartz surface designs by leading engineered stone manufacturer Caesarstone. Expanding the brand’s portfolio of highly durable, premium quartz surfaces, the new Whitelight Collection brings the calm, serene beauty of nature into our homes.

Crafted with the human touch, the Whitelight Collection is inspired by the beauty of the world around us, our landscapes shaped by time. Each new design individually unique yet collectively sparks creativity and drives the passion for pushing the boundaries of design.

According to Caesarstone Brand Manager, Emma Bush, the new Collection represents the most current composition for light neutral colours.

We’re experiencing life in a new way now with everyone, everywhere, spending more time at home. We’re longing for that connection to the outdoors and a sense of calm. The Whitelight Collection evokes the essence of wellness and serenity; it brings a beautiful, long-lasting piece of the Earth into the heart of our homes.

Designers, renovators and homeowners can find the perfect colour no matter their style or price point.”

Versatile by nature and designed for a long-lasting application, the Caesarstone Whitelight Collection is the amalgam of eight exceptionally crafted designs that never require sealing. Easy to maintain, Caesarstone quartz surface technology outperforms natural stones such as marble and granite in standardised testing.

Featuring four new colours – Arabetto, Adamina, Aterra Blanca and Calacatta Maximus the Whitelight Collection works in harmony with a broad range of interior styles, colour palettes and applications, from kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and butler’s pantries to luxurious walk-in robes and home offices – it’s a new dimension for inside.

Arabetto is a modern and timeless evolution of the classic arabescatto marble look. Dynamic grey veins interlacing with jade and copper span across a crisp, white, polished surface. Arabetto™ is the marble of tomorrow.

Caesarstone Arabetto



Aterra Blanca captures the beauty of natural marble. Its misty white base unravels with the softest strokes of earthy veining, swirling slowly into the stone that radiates a translucent glow with warm, milky movements.

Caesarstone Aterra Blanca




Adamina™ recreates the tender touches of a golden sand dune. This sandstone and travertine inspired design will calmly settle into the modern Australian kitchen looking to capture the essence of nature.

Caesarstone Adamina



Calacatta Maximus encapsulates the revival of prominent Calacatta veining and the unique beauty of the mineral layers found in nature. Enhanced by its subtle natural finish, its surface terrain reveals a complex layer of authentic oversized soft grey and delicate copper veining complimented by its pure white base.

The new Whitelight Collection includes four more of Caesarstone’s classic designs:

Vivid White represents the perfect and pristine tonality of the whitest marble on Earth. Its spotless expanse is rich with possibilities and luxurious in its simplicity. This surface is Caesarstone’s most premium white.

Caesarstone Vivid White


Statuario Maximus is the embodiment of classic elegance with a gentler modern edge. Its feathered dove-white base contrasts the broad light-grey veins absorbed deep into the surface. Slightly darker borders trace the delicate veins to reflect its authentic mineral aspects.

Caesarstone Statuario Maximus


White Attica brings an alluring combination of grey and inky black tones that ebb across a flawless white base in a rapid movement, boldly dominant and expressively diagonal, touched by brown highlights that mystify the stone’s classic tonality.

Caesarstone White Attica


Empira White is a timeless white base of the purest hue, touched by soft shadows and dominant black veins. The design creates an interplay of light and dark that is alive with emotion and movement yet refined against the depth of its fine lines and shadowy alluvial layers.

Caesarstone Empiria White


Available in 20mm thick standard size slabs (3050mm x 1440mm), Caesarstone’s Whitelight Collection offers the same level of performance relating to fabrication, installation, repairs, and

care and maintenance.  Product pricing, including fabrication and installation, start from around $600 per sqm.

Explore Caesarstone’s Whitelight Collection at www.caesarstone.com.au/whitelight-collection and ask your local cabinetmaker about Caesarstone surfaces.


Words: Caesarstone Australia


About Caesarstone

Caesarstone is a leading manufacturer of premium quality quartz surfaces. Established in 1987, the company pioneered high-quality surfaces utilising advanced technologies and expertise. Caesarstone continues to lead the industry with new trends and colours of high-quality quartz surface. Consisting of up to 93% quartz, they retain the cool tactile qualities of nature’s strong stones with enormous application possibilities including kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, furniture and more. Caesarstone offers a product that is highly functional, design-forward and beautiful. The unique and rich variety of colours, patterns and textures enable customers to find their ‘ultimate surface’ and create their own unique space. Caesarstone’s extensive designs are continually evolving and developing to meet the latest global trends and the highest level of international quality standards. Caesarstone® quartz surfaces are available across all states of Australia and New Zealand.


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