Cabinetry to create balance AND interest

From Built-ins to floating or wall hung to freestanding cabinetry. What’s best? 


Neat. Tidy. Simple. Consistent. Organised. Streamlined. Repetitive. Predictable.

However, too much of the same errs on the side of lack of character, unless you are following a particular style.

Geelong Interior Designer, Libby Gumley, helps you decide whether to go for built-ins,  floating or wall hung or freestanding cabinetry. 

Built-in cabinetry

I’ve always been a great promoter of built-in cabinetry, including as many pieces as possible. 

Generally, the characteristics of built-in cabinetry are extremely positive, it’s functional and purpose built for storage. Often ergonomically designed and custom built with carcasses of cupboards, drawers, kickboards and benchtop, whilst housing all manner of selected storage components. All very lineal. Overall, built-in cabinetry is practical, necessary and suits todays living style. However, with any built-ins attention to detail is vital.

Consider the kickboard, often, a lastminute decision, like handles, but due consideration can provide relief and variation to enhance your cabinetry requirements. Kickboards are necessary, but not in all areas. They do more than prevent scuffs to your doors or drawers. They house adjustable legs to compensate for uneven floors. They hide plumbing and raise the floor level of your cabinetry as a safeguard for flooding. The height and setback of a kickboard can vary and often a standard is applied, so, it’s necessary to explore the options available to your build. They can be made of different products or colour depending on your style. They can also provide a storage solution or even be led light.

Adding variations to your kickboard can make a difference, for example, vary the height of kickers in the kitchen area, with bench cabinetry having standard height kickers and full-length doors a tiny kicker set back to appear floating.

Built in Cabinetry


Floating or wall hung cabinetry

Floating or wall hung cabinetry can definitely add that point of difference required providing greater interest.

“Floating” can mean legs or frame supporting your kitchen island or bathroom cabinetry.

“Wall hung” looks fantastic especially if the product used on the wall behind extends below and above the cabinet to the floor. The use of wallpaper, tiles, mirror or panelling can look seamless whilst adding a spacious appeal with an amazing outcome depending on your choice.

Freestanding cabinetry

Never overlook the value of freestanding pieces in your home.

I call them “the cherry on top of the cake”.

Any item that is freestanding provides characteristics for relief from much the same. Pieces can be unique, special, designer, decorative, individual and very left wing to all other cabinetry. They may be functional and practical but they don’t have to be.

These pieces are the “loves” in your home and don’t ever underestimate the joy the they can bring to your space.

Have fun seeking out what’s best for your project. And, if you need help, I’m available!

Until next time, 


Visit Libby Gumley’s website Design Inside for more design, colour and decoration ideas for your home.

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