Need Cabinetry Supplies? Cabinetmakers Choice is your go-to.

We recently interviewed ICM Geelong ‘Sponsor of the Month’, Cabinetmakers Choice.  There’s so many aspects to this business, all tailored to help you with your home improvement cabinetry projects. Really, Cabinetmakers Choice is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all cabinetry supplies.

Can you tell us about Cabinetmakers Choice?

Cabinetmakers Choice is a DIY cabinets and trade wholesaler to Geelong and surrounding areas. Its expertise lies in custom made luxurious and glamourous wardrobes, as well as pre-fab wardrobes you can install yourself.

The business not only supplies to cabinetmakers and other tradies but also to the DIY ‘handyperson’ – anyone is welcome to come into the cabinetry supplies shop.

What’s on offer?

Decorative Boards & Laminates, Plywood, Timber Veneer, Benchtops, Cabinetry Doors & Handles, Adhesives, Coatings, Router bits, Screws, Hinges, Locks … the list is endless.

There’s a large variety of products, materials and colours on offer for all kinds of projects including laundries, kitchens, bathrooms, cubby houses, man caves, horse floats, letter boxes, wooden craft projects, boats and caravans.

If you need it for your project … it’s probably available at Cabinetmakers Choice.

The business’ shop and wardrobe showroom are located at 124 Grove Rd, Grovedale.

Who’s behind Cabinetmakers Choice?

Chris Adamko and Nigel Robinson, owners Cabinetmakers Choice Owners Chris Adamko and Nigel Robinson have more than 40 years of experience in the cabinetry and DIY trade between them.

Chris – ‘The Achiever’. Chris is the organiser, the one who expertly directs the extensive amount of supplier deliveries at the beginning of each month.

And, Chris is a perfectionist. His advice for your next DIY project: “Do your homework AND get it right the first time. Remember, Cabinetmakers Choice is here to help.”

Nigel – ‘The Showman’. Nigel spends time on the road visiting cabinetmakers around regional Victoria and showing them the latest products on offer and offering advice on cabinetry supplies.

Nigel also eagerly shows off all the ‘bells & whistles’ in the Cabinetmakers Choice Wardrobe Showroom – Geelong’s only designer wardrobe showroom. He especially likes to demonstrate many of the practical features that you can add to your wardrobe. Revolving shoe racks, shoe pantries, garment lifts, jewellery drawers and much more on display at the Cabinetmakers Choice Designer Wardrobe Showroom!

There’s also a team of valued staff who keep Cabinetmakers Choice ticking along nicely.

Why did you decide to join ICM Geelong?

In the old days, people in the industry used to get together all the time. It might have been a casual supplier trade night or a drink at the local pub! But, times have changed and everyone is so busy.

Joining ICM Geelong has allowed us to keep in touch with our colleagues and is an opportunity to share ideas, gain insights and keep in touch with what’s happening in the industry.

Trade Nights and Professional Development Sessions for members and sponsors are well organised – all you need to do is show up!  We’ve met some great people connected to the industry including Interior Designers, Builders and Architects.

Nigel Robinson has also been a part of the ICM Geelong Board since it’s inception.

ICM Geelong Board Members image of Nigel Robinson, Josh Hutton, Peter Hammond and Gary Paech
Nigel Robinson (l) with ICM Geelong Board Members, Josh Hutton, Peter Hammond and Gary Paech.

What are some of your most popular items?

Cabinetmakers Choice is a stockist of environmentally friendly LETO bamboo. The material is environmentally sourced, machines cleanly, sands beautifully to a silky finish giving rise to many cabinetry applications including wardrobes, shelving, bedroom furniture, tall boys and bathroom vanities, even kitchen cabinetry. Premium, cross laminated bamboo ply and veneer is on display in the showroom.

Popular round bamboo timber handles are available in three sizes but can be custom made to suit your project – the size is up to you! They can also be done in American Oak, Tas Oak or Blackwood.






What’s new at Cabinetmakers Choice?

  • Colour ranges are forever changing and sample boards are updated regularly to reflect latest trends – pop in for your sample! Suppliers include Laminex, Formica, Wilson Art, polytec.
  • Australian made Shoji Screens and Doors can be made to order.
  • Cabinetmakers Choice now stocks Carbitool Router Bits – very handy!





What’s one of your proudest moments?

Supplying both Laminex and polytec products to contestants on TV renovation series, The Block. It wasn’t all glitz and glam – it was very hard work with unbelievably tight deadlines – our installer working well into the night on more than one occasion!

Cabinetmakers Choice was part of the popular renovation television series in 2016 and 2017, with many of its wardrobes becoming a feature in high scoring rooms with 10/10 for Ronnie & Georgia’s kid’s bedroom and Andy & Ben’s guest bedroom.





Nigel Robinson and Shaynna Blaze
Nigel catches up with Shaynna Blaze at an ICM Geelong Trade Night

A ‘proud moment’ was seeing Shannya Blaze’s squeals of delight on TV when she saw our rotating shoe rack in Andy & Ben’s master bedroom. Catching up with Shaynna at an ICM Geelong Trade Night, she is still raving about the shoe rack!

Wardrobe Showroom Geelong




The glamourous wardrobe showroom features a similar rotating shoe rack. The showroom is interactive and visitors are encouraged to come in for a spin of the shoe rack, test out the garment lever, the pull out ironing board and sit on the fluffy chair at our custom made Hollywood style glamour powder puff vanity – you may even have your photo taken for some Insta fame!

What can people expect when they come into Cabinetmakers Choice?

Cabinetmakers Choice Wardrobe Showroom
Cabinetmakers Choice Wardrobe Showroom and Cabinetry Supplies, 124 Grove Rd, Grovedale. Just turn off the highway at Aldi !

People can expect high quality in all aspects, including advice, products and service. Visitors can take a guided tour of the showroom; it’s preferable to make an appointment before hand so we can dedicate time to creating your perfect wardrobe.

Chris Adamko Cabinetmakers Choice


Trade and DIY clients can come in for a chat to receive the right advice for their specific project.


What does the Cabinetmakers Choice team love most about what they do?

The team at Cabinetmakers Choice take their clients on a journey, from selecting materials and hardware to producing the finished product. The team is passionate about the thought process that goes into creating a project.

Cabinetmakers Choice offers good old fashioned service with a smile. Nigel and Chris are always up for a chat and advice to help out with any project.


Find out more.

Visit www.cabinetmakerschoice.com.au

Follow Cabinetmakers Choice on Instagram or Facebook.

Pop into Cabinetry Supplies Shop & Wardrobe Showroom, 124 Grove Rd, Grovedale.

(Monday – Thursday 7.30am – 4.30pm, Friday 7.30am – 4.00pm)

Tel: 5244 3631 or Email: sales@cabinetmakerschoice.com.au

Street view of Cabinetmakers Choice, 124 Grove Rd, Grovedale



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