2021 Cabinetmaking Apprentices are Winners

ICM Geelong Gordon Apprentice Awards show who’s best.

Cabinetmaking offers a career path for everyone and provides a variety of opportunities from designing with the latest software, working with different colours and materials to sales, administration, construction, and installing. It requires skill, patience and an eye for detail.

The Annual ICM Geelong Gordon Apprentice Awards is a chance to recognise Geelong’s best cabinetmaking apprentices.


The WINNERS of the 2021 ICM Geelong Apprentice Awards are:

Award 1 – ICM Geelong Best 1st Year Apprentice Hamish Renkin, Westside Renovations

Award 2 – ICM Geelong Best 2nd Year Apprentice Benjamin Caldicott, Living Space Joinery

Award 3 –  ICM Geelong Best 3rd Year Apprentice Ebonie Innes, Virgona Home Improvements

Award 4 – ICM Geelong Apprentice of the Year Gerritt Maiai, Fusion Cabinets

Award winners attended the Awards Evening at the exclusive Geelong Club, along with their proud employers and families.


Let’s meet the winners

Apprentice Award Winners Hamish Renkin, Gerritt Maiai and Ben Caldicott

Hamish Renkin

“I was commencing my Year 11 studies and second year Certificate II in Building & Construction – Carpentry when I came across an email from Gordon TAFE Geelong advertising a Cabinetry Making Apprenticeship. I hadn’t considered this career pathway, but as I gave it more consideration, I thought that the skills I possessed made me suitable for such an apprenticeship,” says Hamish.

“I enjoy designing and creating pieces from different materials and working with power tools and have an eye for detail.”

“I am always busy and on the go. I love most that I am not doing the same thing each and every day. I enjoy seeing all our hard work come together when each project is completed.”

Working for Westside Renovations, Hamish and his family moved from Point Cook to the Bellarine Peninsula to make his apprenticeship possible. The family have settled into the Bellarine lifestyle and enjoy spending time at the beach swimming and surfing.

Hamish is also a runner and likes to keep fit.

“Pre-pandemic I participated weekly in my local Parkrun event and occasional community running events. I trained weekly with the local Running Club and played basketball at a Rep and Domestic level.”


Gerritt Maiai

“I have always been interested in building things from scratch and putting things together,” says Gerritt. 

Working as a labourer, Gerrit decided if he could get a qualification in doing something he enjoys, it will give him the opportunity to have a successful career.  

“I enjoy the different challenges of different jobs and being able to use unlimited creativity to make something useful and appealing. Getting to learn knew skills and gain experience that I can use to build stuff on the job and at home. I enjoy seeing an idea on paper turn into a physical piece in front of your eyes that clients are excited about. The feeling of standing back and looking at the final piece that you have built is awesome! 

Gerritt works at Fusion Cabinets on the Bellarine Peninsula. He grew up in Samoa where life is simple yet difficult. Opportunities for education are rare and everything in other countries especially construction is admired.

Growing up he was known as the “wrecker” by his family.  

“I would always pull speakers apart to try and upgrade the sound quality as I love music and dancing. The only problem was I never made it much better because I didn’t have many materials or experience.”

“Since moving to Australia when I was 21 I have loved building things for me and my wife and kids with all the amazing supplies available, especially speakers!”

But we all know Gerritt’s one true love is rugby. 


Benjamin Caldicott

Working down on the Surf Coast Ben is employed by Living Space Joinery. 

“Undertaking an apprenticeship gives you the chance to learn and earn an income at the same time,” says Ben. 

“I would highly recommend school leavers to consider an Apprenticeship in Cabinetmaking.” 


Ebonie Innes

“An apprenticeship is a great way to learn as it’s hands on and your working while learning,” says Ebonie.

Delighting in seeing the finished product, Ebonie currently works for Virgona Home Improvements.

When she’s not cabinetmaking, Ebonie is either taking her dog for a walk or hanging out with friends.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for you Ebonie.


Want to become a cabinetmaker? 

To find out more about an Apprenticeship in Cabinetmaking visit The Gordon website. 


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