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Choosing handles for your kitchen or other cabinetry is often a stumbling block for new home builders or renovators. Libby Gumley from Design Inside offers some advice on how to turn your cabinetry from ordinary to spectacular.

Libby Gumley Geelong Interior Designer


Hello again, I’m Libby Gumley. 

I’ve started off 2018 with a bang with new, exciting and different projects.

As an Interior Designer / Decorator clocking up 27 years in the industry, it doesn’t take long to recognise a pattern that applies to development in the building industry.

Generally, it goes like this – government contracts followed by commercial buildings, and from that a flow onto residential developments for first home buyers, to higher end new builds with another flow to residential renovations that include small to large structural changes and cabinetry. Then finally, last but not least, decoration including window coverings, furniture and all the trimmings that go with design and decorating.

After this the industry takes a break and then the cycle begins again. We are in a bit of a boom time and all tradies of any trade are operating at full bore.

So, the place my work sits right now is some of all of the above including a motel total upgrade, designing dining areas for residential care, several new large residential builds, renovation to tired homes, cabinetry, paint colours, window coverings, furniture, soft furnishings and more. Everyone is jumping on the band wagon.

Drawer and door handles

From time to time my clients face a stumbling block over what could be deemed as the simplest of decisions. And who would have guessed it to be cabinetry hardware, especially choosing cabinetry handles !





Cabinet handles and hardware ranges have extended significantly over the years providing a massive array of choice in style, shape, colour and metal, hence confusion. It’s the forgotten hurried add-on at the end, and therefore a quick decision is made without research.









I would like to remind you that your hardware choice can turn your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any room in the house  from ordinary to spectacular and therefore is truly worthy of time spent.









There are no rules, so I suggest the following as a guideline for you to achieve the best outcome.

Your guide to choosing your cabinet door handles

  • Consider your homes style, this will lead you in a particular direction, for example: industrial, modern, traditional.


  • Count how many drawers and doors in the space, this gives an idea of impact, helping you to select handle size.


  • Select a mix of knobs and handles from co-ordinating ranges to add interest to your cabinetry


  • Isolate an area to treat differently, either with colour or shape.


  • There is no need to have hardware everywhere, consider push to open or finger pull to some areas.


  • Choose metals carefully, a mix creates fantastic impact and adds a point of difference.


  • Tread carefully with nickel, chrome, stainless steel and brushed of each, as the silvers are different. For a coordinated look streamlining is necessary.


  • Seek out hardware specialists, they offer different and interesting solutions. Try leather, crystal or ceramic.













Above all, this is your project. Don’t accept average and ordinary, take this opportunity to make your space standout and select cabinetry hardware that’s right for you!

Until next time,

Libby Gumley

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