Black is back for home interiors. Caesarstone leads the way!

Black is back for home interiors and Caesarstone Australia is leading the way with their NEW Dark Collection!

A shift towards darker, moodier interiors is reviving interest in black marble and dark industrial materials – especially in contemporary homes, apartments and commercial spaces where the effect becomes even more dramatic.

Continuing to lead the way in surface design, Caesarstone’s recent release of the new Dark Collection brings together five luxurious dark quartz surface designs that are ideal for modern interiors.

Including two perennial favourites, Vanilla Noir™ and Jet Black™, the Dark Collection introduces three new designs Piatto Black™ 3101, Empira Black™ 5101 and Black Tempal™ 5810 – opening a well of new ideas and inspiration for modern kitchen and interior designs.

Each design in the Dark Collection offers an appealing blend of innovative design and durability with the ease of care synonymous with all Caesarstone products; perfect for the rigours of modern open-plan living.


Introducing The Three New Designs:

Setting the darker tone for industrial-inspired interiors, new Black Tempal™ offers a captivating interpretation of industrial travertine with a unique tactile natural finish. Comprising a charcoal base, marbled with warm whites, Black Tempal elevates interiors to a new level of luxury working well with a multitude of colour palettes and design styles, from earthy and organic to sleek and industrial.

Black and timber home interior kitchen by Caesarstone

Enriching dark interiors with the elegance of real marble, Empira Black™ features delicate fine white veins and an opaque black base with a lustrous polished finish. A timeless yet versatile quartz surface design that creates a rich and dramatic high-end finish or a subtle, alluring feel for homes; ideal for light and dark contemporary colour palettes.

White and black interior kitchen by Caesarstone

Dark and richly luxurious, Piatto Black™ is the ultimate black surface with its deep, intense black base and fine granular grain that’s enhanced by its natural textured finish. Evoking a wonderful sense of warmth, Piatto Black has a unique sensory feel with its satin sheen that gently reflects light. A versatile design, Piatto Black works with an array of kitchen design styles from timeless monochromatic to classic interior designs.

Timber and black interior kitchen by Caesarstone

A New Finish Too:

The Dark Collection sees the release of the new ‘Natural’ finish. A slightly textural finish that adds warmth to the surface grain, creating a unique sensory feel. Its satin sheen gently reflects light making it ideal for contemporary and classic interior designs. The Natural finish combines the appeal of authentic texture with style and practicality.

Bring your dark designs to life with Caesarstone. Discover more about the new Caesarstone Dark Collection or visit your nearest showroom today to explore the beauty and design potential of each Caesarstone colour for yourself.

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