3 Smart Kitchen Corner Cupboard Solutions

The dreaded kitchen corner space!  Here’s three smart solutions to get the most out of your kitchen corner space.

With so many kitchen appliances and gadgets available today, there’s more demand on your kitchen storage space than ever before. And the last thing anyone wants is their worksurfaces becoming cluttered with items that have nowhere to go, or their cupboards packed so densely it becomes almost impossible to get things in and out.

So, when designing a new kitchen, the pressure is on to make sure every inch of your space is put to good use – and that means getting over the usual obstacles like working around plumbing, plug sockets and, indeed, what to do with that awkward corner space.

Unfortunately, your kitchen corners aren’t going anywhere, but products such as the Hettich LeMans II unit have been specially developed to cleverly work around the usual accessibility and functionality issues in tight corners. By using the right solutions, you’ll discover that all the ‘dead space’ in your kitchen suddenly becomes very handy.

Here are three smart corner solutions to consider for your new kitchen:

1. LeMans II

For complete and unrestricted access to your corner cabinets, the LeMans unit gives you shelves that use a unique swivel pull-out system. Allowing you to see all your cupboard contents from front to back, the swivel shelves can be pulled-out either individually or all together. And with 25kg load capacity on each shelf, there’s no real limit as to what you could use them for – from mixing bowls and containers to bulkier items like a stand mixer or blender.

The LeMans unit offers a few other specialised features to make life easier. While the unit can be customised for your space with a choice of two shelves or four shelves and options for left and right-hand corner use, each shelf includes steel chrome plated railing for added style and security. Shelves are also made with a special non-slip coating, so items don’t slide around when the shelves are in motion. An extra silent soft closing system is also available, making manoeuvring your equipment completely effortless.


2. Moving Corner

Hettich corner cupboard solutions for the kitchenThe Moving Corner unit ensures you gain optimum use of space in corner cabinets of 900 and 1000mm wide. Well suited to bulkier items like pots and pans, this intelligently designed solution enables you to pull-out two door-mounted shelves and a separate (but cleverly connected) set of two shelves with one easy movement. Most importantly, the second set of shelves slide right out from the very back and otherwise unreachable part of your corner space. Fully pulled-out, all your items will be in an accessible position within seconds.

Using a semi basket style design, all the shelves help to keep your items organised while ensuring nothing falls or gets damaged while the unit is moving. What’s more, while the Moving Corner uses smart technology, including an integrated Silent System, it’s not hard to install – the unit and all its moving parts are built with fast installation front of mind using Hettich’s ClickFixx system.


3. Revo 90°

Behind a smooth-opening folding corner door which gives you fast access to the inside of your cupboard, the Revo 90° carousel fitting ensures unhindered access to all your items. The rotating shelves mean there’s no real front or back to your cupboard because you can swivel everything into view with a few turns to the left or right.

The Revo 90° also allows you to design your cupboard in a way that suits your specific needs, with the carousel fittings fully height adjustable and the option to add additional shelves to the basic two-shelf system. The uses of the Revo 90° are also limitless with each shelf durable enough to hold 25kg. Meanwhile, the closing speed can easily be altered without the need for tools, so you can get the movement exactly right for what’s inside.

Hettich Revo 90 corner cupboard solution




Allowing space to go unused in your kitchen isn’t really an option these days, although there’s no doubt that some areas are more awkward to fill than others.

With these innovative corner storage solutions, you can finally turn your forgotten spaces into highly functional storage areas, and the best part is, all three are super easy to install using Hettich’s ClickFixx fast installation system.

Ask your cabinetmaker about Hettich corner cupboard solutions for your kitchen renovation or new build.

Cabinetmakers Choice is a Geelong Hettich supplier.  You can also contact them for further information.


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