Women in Cabinetmaking

This International Women’s Day, we’re putting the spotlight on Women in Cabinetmaking.

Tradies are in high demand, thanks also to the pandemic causing a massive boost in interest in home improvements.

However, women are still under-represented in the cabinetmaking industry and according to the Australian Government Job Outlook, only 2% of the industry is female.

“We have found our female apprentices to be skilled, strong, capable and keen,” says Peter Hammond, owner of Windsor Kitchens, Geelong.

“These women are showing cabinet making is not just a viable career for men.”

The message is clear – ladies, if you’ve ever thought about taking up a trade, now is the time.

The cabinetmaking industry needs YOU.

Pick up the tools and join the industry just like Geelong cabinetmaker Kate Elstone. 


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