Wilson & Bradley’s Contemporary Lighting Solutions

Enhance your room design with lights that impress

Touch LED and Strip lighting options suit a variety of applications and will add an impressive touch to your new build or renovation. 

ICM Geelong supporter, Wilson & Bradley are proud to be the Australian partner of L&S lighting. Let’s see what’s new in LED and Strip lighting. 

L & S Lighting

Founded in Italy, in 1977, L&S is one of the international leaders within the interior lighting sector.  With a special focus on the furniture industry, L&S is present in over 70 countries worldwide. Their advanced technical knowledge, stringent quality control and mission to bring new and innovative products to the market ensures that there is always a superior L&S lighting solution for every room.

Exclusive to Wilson & Bradley, L&S has a wide range of LED surface mounted downlights lights and strip lighting that is ideal for use in both residential and commercial lighting applications.


The L&S Emotion technology also allows you to gradually vary the colour temperature from warm light to cool light.

The L&S LED Emotion lighting range is the next level in LED technology and is suitable for undercabinet and under-shelf applications, as well as mounting inside cabinets.


Wilson & Bradley Emotion Lighting


Introducing the Mini Octopus LED Reel

Wilson & Bradley Mini Octopus LED Light

An exciting addition to the Wilson & Bradley range of L&S products is the Mini Octopus LED Reel. 

This is a recessed or surface mounted flexible LED Strip light that can be catered to suit a variety of uses.

Its slim 4mm width not only allows you to create unique, flexible designs, but also allows for a sleek and sharp look that adds the finishing touch to wherever it is applied.

Wilson & Bradley has an array of contemporary lighting solutions to suit any application, adding an extra touch of sophisticated elegance to any space.

Visit the Wilson & Bradley website to view the latest L&S lighting brochure, which displays all available products and steps out the selection process to ensure the best outcome possible to any project.

Ask your cabinetmaker about lighting solutions or order online via the Wilson & Bradley website


About Wilson & Bradley

A family owned national business, Wilson & Bradley provide a diverse, premium selection of kitchen and cabinetry hardware.  They are founded on the principles of quality design and great customer service and we believe it – they’ve been doing it for more than 40 years.   

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