La Casa Curvilínea. The House of Curves.

Nestled amidst the tranquil shores of 13th Beach, Victoria, Australia, La Casa Curvilínea brought to life by the skilled hands of Doherty Building Group with cabinetry by SCLK.

Do I need a Cabinet Maker, Joiner, Furniture Maker or Carpenter?

A question that often comes up is what the difference is between a cabinet maker and carpenter? Then there’s joiners and furniture makers too …. so, who does what? Cabinet makers and all the other trades work with wood and all have undertaken highly skilled training in their respective areas. What does a Cabinet makers do? […]

Geelong Cabinetmakers: United in Trade

Geelong cabinetmakers are taking to a new approach to highlight the resurgence of a traditional craft that’s using modern and hi-tech solutions to produce premium product. We all do our best to support local manufacturing. However, when it comes to looking around for a new entertainment unit or occasional furniture, it’s become habit to head […]