SCLK snaps up Small Range Joinery Award 2018

Every living room is different, so building a custom entertainment unit makes sense.

SCLK has taken out the inaugural ICM Geelong polytec awards – Best Small Range Joinery Unit.

“Built-in media consoles can be designed in a variety of styles and wood finishes to suit your living space,” says Scott Smith, owner SCLK.

Stylish and sophisticated, the dark polytec vinyl used in the winning joinery is Tempest Woodgrain.

The base of Tempest Woodgrain is comparable to oak timber in structure and features a demure, blackened matt finish.

Best of all, it’s soft to touch and further embellished with subtle embossing and a barely discernible grain.

“We work with a lot of polytec products and are pleased to have our work recognised with this award,” says Scott Smith.

Located in Moolap, SCLK also work with local architects, builders and interior designers on custom made projects.

The inaugural ICM Geelong polytec Awards were judged by polytec officials and awarded in Geelong on 23rd November, 2018.

John Parello and the team at Torquay Joinery took home the Best Kitchen Award.

SCLK entertainment unit winner ICM Geelong polytec awards 2018 1          SCLK entertainment unit winner ICM Geelong polytec awards 2018



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