Meet Gary Paech. ICM Geelong’s NEW President!

Gary Paech knows he’s got big shoes to fill as President of ICM Geelong. 

A voluntary role (ICM Geelong is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation), Gary Peach takes over from Scott Smith.  

Holding the reign for three years, Scott felt it was time to step down and give someone else a turn.  Scott remains a valuable member of the ICM Geelong committee and mentor to younger cabinetmakers. 

Let’s find out a bit about our new Pres, Gary Paech, owner of iCab Cabinets. 


Why did you become a cabinetmaker / start your own business? 

GP: After seeing my dad’s friend build a kitchen in a day, I just had to become a cabinetmaker. I was amazed at the result that could be achieved in such a short time. 

Prior to starting iCab Cabinets, I managed a construction company. I thought, if I can run someone else’s business then I can probably run my own. 

 iCab Cabinets has been operating for 10 years. 


Tell us about iCab Cabinets. 

GP: We offer a complete design and construction service.

Using only the best materials and hardware, the construction and installation team are all accomplished tradespeople. 

iCabs forte = 2pac Shaker Style Traditional Kitchens and Joinery. 

Narrow framed shaker style doors are a modern take on the classic door. 


What’s your proudest project to date? 

GP: I recently completed my own house lot. It was very rewarding to provide my family with our dream cabinets. 


What do you do in your spare time? 

GP: I watch my daughter’s sporting events including basketball. 


Who’s your hero? 

GP: John Stockton.  1990’s NBA Basketballer and one of the greatest point guards of all time.   


Favourite holiday destination? 

GP: Singapore and USA


If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

GP: Mac and Cheese ! 


Along with a dedicated committee of volunteers, Gary is keen to continue to foster the support and sharing of resources between local tradespeople and work to promote cabinetmakers by providing helpful and advice and a comprehensive cabinetmakers directory. 

New President, Gary Paech (L) with Past President, Scott Smith



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