ICM Geelong Gordon Apprenticeship Awards 2019

Encouraging up and coming talent

Independent Cabinetmakers Geelong has recognised the best apprentices in our region in the Gordon Cabinetmaking Apprenticeship Awards.

“As a group we are on a mission to encourage school leavers to consider cabinetmaking as a viable career,” says Windsor Kitchens owner and ICM Geelong Vice President, Peter Hammond.

ICM Geelong is a collaboration of quality cabinetmakers and related suppliers in the Geelong region dedicated to promoting the work of local cabinetmakers. The group encourages people to support local businesses and to consider using a cabinetmaker for all joinery projects rather than heading to large department stores.

“We want to ensure the industry thrives now and into the future. The committee and members firmly believe there will be a trades shortage if we don’t promote our industry, which has so much to offer.”

Now in its second year, the Gordon Cabinetmaking Apprenticeship Awards is a chance to reward the best cabinetmaking apprentices in our region.

“We are thrilled to see a female, Claire O’Callaghan, take out an Award,” says Peter.

“Cabinetmaking is so much more than knocking boxes together.”

Cabinetmaking offers a career path for everyone and provides a variety of opportunities from designing with the latest software, working with different colours and materials to sales, administration, construction, and installing. It requires skill, patience and an eye for detail.


The WINNERS of the 2019 ICM Geelong Apprentice Awards are:

Award 1 – ICM Geelong Best 1st Year Zack Mongelli from Barwon Cabinets, Geelong

Award 2 – ICM Geelong Best 2nd Year Hayden Kent, from Cutting Edge Joinery., Ballarat

Award 3 –  ICM Geelong Best 3rd Year Claire O’Callaghan, Tenon Joinery, Geelong

Award 4 – ICM Geelong Student of the Year Zac Parker, West Vic, host employer, Reality Kitchens, Colac


Award winners attended the awards night on 15th November at CENTRA, Geelong, along with their employers and families.

To further encourage apprenticeships, ICM Geelong President Scott Smith has recently joined the Greater Geelong’s Regional Industry Sector Employment program (RISE) Advisory Committee, ensuring cabinetmaking is represented as a viable career pathway.

ICM Geelong has also produced a video showing the different career paths cabinetmaking can take. The video is available to schools, career counsellors, recruitment agencies and anyone else interested in cabinetmaking. It can be viewed at www.icmgeelong.com.au/careers


Award winners l – r, Claire O’Callaghan, Hayden Kent, Peter Hammond – ICM – Zac Parker and Zack Mongelli



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