Emma wins the battle for a new wardrobe

Emma Hawkins is thrilled with her new wardrobe and Geelong Cats Footballer, Tom Hawkins is too. Emma shares her experience.

Late last year I had just won the battle with Tom about re doing our wardrobes. Like most men, Tom didn’t think this was a vital change that our home needed. However, our storage was becoming a huge issue and I was so sick of never being able to see my clothes properly. I knew I would never win the battle of convincing Tom to do a whole reno… and to be honest, I understood if I could be creative, we would “survive” without one. We have a very large bedroom and additional storage elsewhere for jackets, so I believed that with the right design and cabinet maker, I could create a wardrobe to suit both our needs.

I honestly couldn’t believe my luck when the Independent Cabinetmakers (ICM Geelong) group reached out about collaborating with me, as I was just doing my research on who I would like to use for our new wardrobe. Before I went any further with the discussion, I needed to make sure two boxes were ticked. Like most things we do around our home, we like to use local businesses, so that box was definitely ticked. I also prefer when everything is custom and not pre-designed or pre-made, which was another box ticked with ICM Geelong.

ICM Geelong consists of a group of independent cabinetmakers and related suppliers from the Geelong, Surf Coast & Bellarine regions, who have banded together to highlight the skills and quality product manufactured by Geelong’s cabinet making industry.

If you head to their website it will help you seek inspiration for your next home improvement projects. From a cabinetmaker near you, you are able to custom make and fit with competitive pricing things such as desks, entertainment units, beds, bookcases, wardrobes, al fresco area cabinetry, wine racks and even fish tank cabinets.

When working with ICM Geelong, the process was delightful from beginning to end. From choosing the design, colour and style, we had our (my) input every step of the way. Even the little things that I really needed such as extra hanging space rather than shelves, tie and belt rack for Tom, his and her jewellery drawers. Our wardrobe was manufactured off sight in Geelong and then installed in no longer than half a day! I couldn’t believe it!

I’m happy to share with you the results… the new wardrobe also inspired me to update our room with a new paint colour which I’m thrilled with and I’m pleased to say, Tom is over the moon!

I now have a huge urge to do every other wardrobe in the house…. Tom is not so thrilled with this thought however.

Cabinetmakers Geelong Emma Hawkins - Headshot

Emma Hawkins





MASSIVE thank you to ICM Geelong and the represented cabinet makers and suppliers who made this happen including;

Wardrobe 3-d design drawings: Cabinets by Computer

Wardrobe manufacture, assembly & installation: ICM Geelong members, SCLK, Windsor Kitchens, Virgona Home Improvements

18mm double sided white MDF for doors: Laminex Australia

Drawer hardware, hinges & LED lighting: Lincoln Sentry

White Interior: Cabinetmakers Choice


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