Dulux Unveils 2024 Colour Forecast: A Palette of Positivity for Home Renovators

Dulux Unveils 2024 Colour Forecast: A Palette of Positivity for Home Renovators

In a world where the home has become a sanctuary, the choice of interior colours plays a pivotal role in shaping our living spaces. Dulux, the renowned paint manufacturer, has once again taken the lead in setting the tone for interior design with its highly anticipated 2024 Colour Forecast. Marking a significant milestone, this year’s forecast represents the 25th anniversary of this influential tradition.

A Palette of Positivity

The 2024 Colour Forecast offers three captivating palettes, each capturing the essence of our evolving desires for our living spaces.


Inspired by the Mediterranean, Scandinavian, and African cultures, this palette embraces organic shapes and a sense of security. Clay browns with red undertones, subtle pinks, golden neutrals, and sun-soaked shades of blue and yellow blend seamlessly to create an atmosphere of serenity and strength.


dulux Solstice




Drawing inspiration from bohemian influences, this palette is a vibrant fusion of eclectic allure, maximalist richness, and patterns steeped in heritage. Mid-tone yellows, rich greens, blues, deep reds, and burgundy come together to evoke a sense of wanderlust and cultural connection.

Dulux Journey



Reflecting our desire for comfort and familiarity, this palette pays homage to retro colours of the past. Summery hues inspired by international destinations and cozy, warm tones invite a sense of nostalgia and contentment into our homes.

Dulux Muse


Transform Your Space with Dulux

Whether you’re looking to infuse positivity, express your individuality, or relive cherished memories, Dulux’s 2024 Colour Forecast offers a palette to match your vision. For 25 years, this annual forecast has been a trusted source of inspiration for interior trends, guiding countless home renovators on their creative journeys.

Create Your Dream Home

As Australians continue to seek self-expression within the home, Dulux’s 2024 Colour Forecast provides the perfect opportunity to reimagine your living space.

Don’t miss the chance to paint your world with the hues of 2024.

Embrace the positivity, warmth, and inspiration that Dulux’s latest forecast has to offer.

Your dream home awaits.

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