🔥 SANDMAN STONE Free Stone Clearance🔥1 June

Sandman Stone Offcuts Discounted

Why not replace your benchtop today!  🔥 SANDMAN STONE Free Stone🔥 Saturday 1st June   | 8am to 3pm. 📍 7 Hepner Place, North Geelong This is your LAST CHANCE.  Walk in. Renovators, DIY’ers, Cabinetmakers, Builders, Interior Designersall welcome! 🔥Free. Yes, you heard right. 🔥 Been thinking about replacing your current benchtop with stone?  The team […]

Do I need a Cabinet Maker, Joiner, Furniture Maker or Carpenter?

A question that often comes up is what the difference is between a cabinet maker and carpenter? Then there’s joiners and furniture makers too …. so, who does what? Cabinet makers and all the other trades work with wood and all have undertaken highly skilled training in their respective areas. What does a Cabinet makers do? […]

Cooking with Steam!

Cooking with Steam

Steam Ovens: a modern culinary revolution.  The roots of steam cooking can be traced back to ancient times when food was ingeniously prepared over boiling water. However, fast forward to the contemporary kitchen, and steam ovens have undergone a sophisticated transformation. These cutting-edge appliances have become a hallmark of modern culinary techniques, delivering both efficiency […]

Local Luxe

Let’s see some of the latest and best products and appliances.