🔥 SANDMAN STONE Free Stone Clearance🔥1 June

Sandman Stone Offcuts Discounted

Why not replace your benchtop today!  🔥 SANDMAN STONE Free Stone🔥 Saturday 1st June   | 8am to 3pm. 📍 7 Hepner Place, North Geelong This is your LAST CHANCE.  Walk in. Renovators, DIY’ers, Cabinetmakers, Builders, Interior Designersall welcome! 🔥Free. Yes, you heard right. 🔥 Been thinking about replacing your current benchtop with stone?  The team […]

La Casa Curvilínea. The House of Curves.

Nestled amidst the tranquil shores of 13th Beach, Victoria, Australia, La Casa Curvilínea brought to life by the skilled hands of Doherty Building Group with cabinetry by SCLK.

Help! My benchtop needs replacing

Renovating your kitchen can turn into an expensive exercise. Can you just replace your kitchen benchtop instead? Updating your benchtop Refreshing the aesthetics of your kitchen can be as simple as replacing the benchtops. “If people want to revitalise their kitchen affordably they should consider a benchtop replacement and create a whole new look,” says Sean […]

Style That’s Ahead of the Curve

If you’ve been looking at renovating or building, you will have noticed a new trend in cabinetry. One of the top design styles, the curve, is helping bring elegance into the home, soften edges and act as a point of interest to  traditional and contemporary interiors. Our top tip – you want your curved cabinetry to […]