Caddam Spray N Polish

Caddam Spray N Polish is a small family business, established in 2005, providing 2-Pak spraypainting finishes to cabinetry in the Geelong Region.

The business works together with local cabinetmakers to produce quality finished products. 

Processes involve the preparation and application of 2-Pak Paints, Stain and Clear finishes to your cabinetry.

The aim at Caddam Spray N Polish is to provide a high standard of quality work to all our clients.

Royce and the “Caddam” team work in with your cabinetmaker to bring your chosen colours to reality.   Whether it is a particular colour, gloss level or preferred stain option, we provide a professional finish to your custom made cabinetry.

Call Royce Ph: 5248 5003

Address: 9-11 Point Henry Road, Moolap 3224

Monday-Friday 7.00am-4.00pm