So you want to be a cabinetmaker?

Being a cabinetmaker is a rewarding career choice.

The cabinet making industry presents many opportunities in different areas, from designing to selling, administration to construction, installation to management.

We spoke with some of our members and asked them what being in the cabinet making industry is really like.

The video outlines some of the areas of opportunity that exist and how you can take advantage of them.


Cabinet making – start your journey. Hear from some of our members.


Find out more about a career in cabinet making.

ICM Geelong encourages school leavers and people looking to change careers into the industry, because we know how rewarding a career in cabinet making is – just ask our passionate members!


Speak with a cabinet maker.

Let us know if you would like to speak with one of our cabinet makers to find out if cabinet making is the right career choice for you.

We can have a chat about:

  1. Cabinetmaking apprenticeships and training
  2. Trade courses at The Gordon, Geelong
  3. In detail, what a cabinet maker actually does and all the job opportunities available
  4. The skills a person needs to become a cabinet maker


For schools.

ICM Geelong is happy for schools and career counsellors to use this video as required to promote the cabinetmaking industry.

It cannot be edited in any form without permission from ICM Geelong. (Email:



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